Alok Berry, PhD

Associate Professor

College of Engineering and Computing

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Digital Technologies - Inventing new algorithms, digital techniques, and technologies

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PhD, Electrical Engineering, University of Missouri

Research Focus

When Alok Berry earned his MS in physics in 1969, the evolution of circuitry computing was picking up speed as it moved beyond individual chips to more complex microprocessors. To this day, key areas of interest for Berry are semiconductors and new electronic materials. Berry engages this knowledge with students in courses covering electromagnetic theory, linear electronics, and circuit analysis. He has been a teaching fellow and research assistant at the University of Missouri, and a lecturer in Physics at the University of Delhi. Berry joined George Mason University in fall 1985 as an assistant professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering and became an associate professor in 1991. The National Science Foundation awarded Berry $239K in 2012. His project, the Louis Stokes Alliances for Minority Participation (LSAMP), works to improve diversity demographics among minority STEM participation. In August 2017,  Berry received additional funding from NSF for $309,950.00 for the third five-year phase of the LSAMP program.


College of Engineering and Computing

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