Myeong Lee, PhD

Assistant Professor

Volgenau School of Engineering

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Community Informatics, Socio-Technical Systems, Urban Computing, Information Inequality, Human-Computer Interaction, Organizational Ecology


PhD, Information Studies, University of Maryland at College Park

Research Focus

My research interests are understanding the dynamics of local communities, hyperlocal groups, and information inequality. For my research program, I develop and leverage social theories and computational methods. I also design and implement systems that demonstrate the geographically-embedded structures of information and associated issues.

Current Projects

■ Making Information Deserts Visible: Computational Models, Disparities in Civic Technology Use, and Urban Decision Making (NSF CHS #1816763): This project aims to analyze Boston’s 311 data to identify biases embedded in the civic data by making use of a theory of local information landscapes. a tool for visualizing the information deserts of civic issues will be developed for helping with informed decision-making and civic technology design.

■ Library Knowledge Extensions (KNEXT): Data Analytics to Support Innovation Communities (IMLS #LG-71-17-0124-17): This project aims to understand how local businesses navigate through complex information landscapes for their success and how local information institutions (e.g., libraries) can help improve their information access. A web-based tool that connects information users and providers will be developed.

■ Understanding Urban Mobility During COVID-19: This research is a collaborative project with BigDyL Lab at Yonsei University’s Department of Artificial Intelligence, GMU’s Community Informatics Lab, and a start-up in South Korea to analyze high-resolution sensory data captured by hundreds of taxis deployed in South Korea’s metropolitan cities. Using this data, the team is working to understand urban mobility during COVID-19.

Select Publications

M. Lee & B.S. Butler. Cultural activity diversity and community characteristics: an exploratory study. In iConference 2020 proceedings, LNCS, Borås, Sweden. 32-49 (2020).

M. Lee & B.S. Butler. How are information deserts created? A theory of local information landscapes. Journal of the Association for Information Science and Technology (JASIST), 70(2), 101-119 (2019).

G. McKenzie, et al. Identifying urban neighborhood names through user-contributed online property listings. ISPRS International Journal of Geo-Information, 7(10). 388. MPDI. (2018).



Volgenau School of Engineering

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