Shun Ye, PhD

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School of Business

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Digital Platforms and Markets, Open Innovation, Sharing Economy, Crowdsourcing and Crowdfunding, Economics of Information Systems, Customer Analytics, Social Networks


PhD, Management Information Systems, University of Maryland, College Park

Research Focus

My research focus is mainly on Information technologies that have transformed the society by enabling digital platforms and markets (e.g., eBay, Airbnb, etc.) that permeate the everyday life of consumers and the daily operations of businesses. To help harness the power of such IT-enabled digital transformation, my research overall aims to develop a theoretical and empirical basis for modelling, designing, and managing digital platforms and markets. Towards this end, my academic inquiry has been primarily focused on answering the following three questions: (1) how do participants (individuals and businesses) interact and make decisions in digital platforms and markets? (2) What mechanisms should be designed and implemented to facilitate interactions and transactions among participants in digital platforms and markets? (3) What are the strategic and economic impacts of digital platforms and markets?

Current Projects

■ Social media marketing message effectiveness: this project examines how different marketing messages spread in a social network to have different performance implications.

■ The role of feedback in crowdsourcing platforms: this project examines the impacts of various forms of feedback provided by the business client in crowdsourcing contests.

■ Multi-phased crowdsourcing contests: this project examines how the characteristics and outcomes of a phase affect the crowd participation and solution quality in its subsequent phase for a multi-phased crowdsourced project.

■ Logistics service sharing: this project examines the competitive impacts of logistics service sharing in ecommerce platforms.

Select Publications

R. Mayya et al., Who forgoes screening in online markets and why? Evidence from Airbnb. MIS Quarterly, forthcoming.

N. Menon, et al., Beyond related experience: Upstream versus downstream experience in innovation contest platforms with interdependent problem domains. Manufacturing & Service Operations Management 22(5), (2020).

S. Ye, et al., The value of reciprocity in online barter markets: An empirical investigation. MIS Quarterly 42(2), (2018).

S. Ye, et al., Strategic behavior in online reputation systems: Evidence from revoking on eBay. MIS Quarterly 38(4), (2014).



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