What is the IDIA?

What is the GMU Institute for Digital InnovAtion?

Researchers, innovators, and scholars in Mason’s Institute for Digital InnovAtion (IDIA) engage in cutting edge work to shape the future of our digital society, promoting equality, wellbeing, security and prosperity. More than three hundred Mason faculty and their research staff and students are working across three themes:


Inventing new algorithms, digital techniques and technologies


Developing and deploying computing systems to advance fields as diverse as finance, education, built infrastructure, science, economics, agriculture, health, transportation, entertainment, national security, and social justice; and

Digital Society

Engaging in critical reflection that examines the implications of digital innovation to ensure that innovators are sensitive to designing and innovating responsibly, and that key stakeholders – including users, innovators, policy-makers and the public at large – are informed about technology’s social, ethical, political, and economic impacts