Digital Innovation for Good


The Institute of Digital InnovAtion (IDIA) is George Mason University’s commitment to inclusively shaping the future of our digital society, promoting well-being, security, and prosperity. IDIA is a sector leader that provides transdisciplinary research, innovation, and next-generation workforce development strategy across the university for scaled, sustainable growth in digital innovation, leverages synergies, strengthening the innovation ecosystem and growing capacities for transdisciplinary research, scholarship, and innovation, supports placemaking, instigating and building research and innovation communities around places and activating and supporting a culture of transdisciplinary research and shared research infrastructure, and amplifies the visibility and awareness of George Mason University as a globally recognized leader for its world-class research, innovation, and economic impact activities, as well as its next-generation students and scholars.


At IDIA we turn problems of social anxiety to digital innovation with social resonance. We harness the power of different perspectives and ways of thinking. We solve complex problems that demand creativity, transdisciplinarity, and a sustained passion for digital innovation for good. From AI Innovation and Machine Learning, to Responsible AI, Autonomous and Collaborative Robotics, Cyberphysical systems and Cybersecurity, Advanced Transportation Systems, Integrated intelligence, Smart Cities, Quantum Computing, and more, we provide leadership in the technologies of the future. We elevate diversity, equity, and inclusion. We build an innovation community and answer the unique challenges of our time for the betterment of our society, our nation, and humankind. 
The institute supports transdisciplinary work across three themes:


Conceptualizing and designing novel algorithms, techniques, and technologies


Developing and deploying computing systems to advance fields as diverse as finance, education, built infrastructure, science, economics, agriculture, health, transportation, entertainment, national security, and social justice; and

Digital Society

Engaging in critical reflection that examines the implications of digital innovation to ensure that innovators are sensitive to designing and innovating responsibly, and that key stakeholders – including users, innovators, policy-makers and the public at large – are informed about technology’s social, ethical, political, and economic impacts


IDIA is a nexus point for collaborative efforts, connecting organizations, people, problems, ideas, and technical approaches with a rich program of transdisciplinary and translational research, scholarship, and workforce development activities and mechanisms for maximum impact that is more than the sum of its parts. The institute was launched in 2022. Learn more about its history here.