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The IDIA connects students with industry professionals,
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The IDIA provides opportunities for students to connect and network with industry professionals.

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Internship Opportunities

Check here for various internship and research opportunities offered throughout the year at and beyond Mason.

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Apply for grants, scholarships, and other opportunities offered to those interested in the field of digital innovation.

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Apply for Fellowships

IDIA invites full-time Mason Ph.D. and M.S. students to apply for competitive IDIA predoctoral fellowships. 


Workforce Development &
TechConnect DC

TechConnect DC is created for students. By working with those currently enrolled in colleges in the DMV area, we are building a community of students who are passionate about digital technology and are providing them with the tools necessary to enter these fields.
TechConnect DC

TechConnect DC

TechConnect DC communicates on behalf of students by building career readiness beyond what is received in their educational curriculum. We are aiding workforce development by creating a community of technology students across the DMV region that are prepared and eager to enter technology-driven fields. At TechConnect DC, we expose students to the current trends in technology while providing opportunities for professional development, mentoring, conferences, hackathons, and events for those interested in digital technology.

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TechConnect DC:

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