David Wong, PhD


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Spatial Demography, Population Segregation, Spatial Epidemiology, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Spatial Statistics, Geo-Statistical Visaluzation


PhD, Geography, University at Buffalo

Research Focus

I study the geographical-spatial dimensions of population and health, as related to the physical and built environments using tools in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and spatial statistics. Population dynamics, both spatial and temporal, are the sources of almost all problems. Therefore, understanding population, its dynamics, and characteristics is a must to address any problem.

Current Projects

■ Choropleth mapping of SEER*Stat data incorporating data reliability statistics

■ Uncertainty in Spatial Data: Identification, Visualization and Utilization

■ Heuristic spatial cluster detection methods

Select Publications

D.DasGupta and D. W.S Wong. How “dependent” are we? A spatiotemporal analysis of the young and the older adult populations in the US. Population Research and Policy Review. DOI: 10.1007/s11113- 020-09590-y. (2020).

M.Oka and D. W. S. Wong. Segregation: a multi- contextual and multi-faceted phenomenon in stratified societies. In Handbook of Urban Geography, eds. T. Schwanen and R. van Kempen, 255–280. Edward Elgar Publishing. (2019).

H. Koo et al., Measuring global spatial autocorrelation with data reliability information. The Professional Geographer 71(3): 551-565. (2019).



College of Science

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