Eduardo Lopez, PhD

Eduardo Lopez, PhD

Assistant Professor

College of Science

Other Positions:

Director of Graduate Studies

Research Theme:

Digital Technologies - Inventing new algorithms, digital techniques, and technologies

Key Interests:

Applied Science, Data Sciences, Math, Modeling and Simulation


PhD, Physics, Boston University

Research Focus

The overarching theme of my research focuses on systems that can be approached in an interdisciplinary way with the tools of network science, stochastic processes, statistical physics, and big data. In this broad context, I have a particular interest in flow processes on networks.

Another related interest is the search for quantitative laws in social, economic, and technological systems. I am involved in the study of regularities in human communication, where I seek to uncover general patterns in the temporal allocation of time to the constantly changing contacts any person has.

Current Projects

■ Temporal patterns of friendships in human communication.

■ Forecasting of careers via network modelling of job transitions

■ Emergence of networks among global violent actors

■ Epidemics and the population composition of urban centres

■ Pedagogy of Networks Science

Select Publications

■ Jari Saramäki, Elizabeth A Leicht, Eduardo López, Sam GB Roberts, Felix Reed-Tsochas, Robin IM Dunbar, Persistence of social signatures in human communication, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 2014 Volume 111 (3), 942-947.

■ Eduardo López, Omar A Guerrero, Robert L Axtell, A network theory of inter-firm labor flows, EPJ Data Science, 2020 9 (1), 1-41

■ Robert L. Axtell, Omar A. Guerrero, Eduardo López, Frictional unemployment on labor flow networks, 2019. Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, Volume 160, Pages 184-201.

■ Eduardo López, Roni Parshani, Rueven Cohen, Shai Carmi, Limited path percolation in complex networks, Shlomo Havlin Physical Review Letters, 2007 Vol 99 (18), article 188701


College of Science

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