Elise Miller-Hooks, PhD

Elise Miller-Hooks, PhD


College of Engineering and Computing

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Research Theme:

Digital Technologies - Inventing new algorithms, digital techniques, and technologies

Key Interests:

Civil Infrastructure Systems Modeling, Transportation Systems Engineering, Network Algorithms, Multi-Objective Decision-Making


PhD, Civil Engineering, University of Texas

Research Focus

Motivating Miller-Hooks’ research program is a strong desire to make a difference for society. Her work with her students and post-docs focuses on the development of algorithms and mathematically-based decision support tools for designing, operating, managing, maintaining, and protecting the built environment. Miller-Hooks’ research program has received funding from private, nonprofit and local, national and international government agencies. She puts her creative energy into many areas, but most notably: multi-hazard civil infrastructure resilience quantification; disaster planning and response, e.g. urban search and rescue, building and regional evacuation and sheltering, and crowd modeling; stochastic and dynamic network algorithms; mathematical modeling and optimization; transportation systems engineering; intermodal passenger and freight transport; real-time routing and fleet management; paratransit, ridesharing and bikeways; and collaborative and multi-objective decision-making.


College of Engineering and Computing

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Email: miller@gmu.edu

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