Elizabeth White, PhD

Elizabeth White, PhD

Associate Professor

College of Engineering and Computing

Other Positions:

Associate Chair

Research Theme:

Digital Technologies - Inventing new algorithms, digital techniques, and technologies

Key Interests:

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), Software Architecture, Middleware, Distributed Computing, Interoperability, Dynamic Reconfiguration, Compilers


PhD, Computer Science,University of Maryland

Research Focus

Elizabeth “Liz” White contributes significantly to research and teaching excellence to the Computer Science department at the Volgenau School of Engineering at George Mason University. She shares her extensive knowledge with students in the realms of systems software, compilers, programming languages, and mobile devices. Her research interests include radio frequency identification (RFID), software architecture, middleware, distributed computing, interoperability, dynamic reconfiguration, and compilers.


College of Engineering and Computing

Contact Elizabeth:

Email: white@cs.gmu.edu

LinkedIn: N/A