Evelyn Sander, PhD

Evelyn Sander, PhD


College of Science

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Mathematical 3D Printing, Visualization of Mathematical Structures, Mathematical Design Research, Dynamical Systems, Numerical Methods Keyword, Bifurcation Theory


PhD, Mathematics, University of Minnesota

Research Focus

In my research into mathematical design and visualization, I focus on the conversion of mathematical abstraction into tangible objects that can be held in your hand. My focus is primarily on topics from my research in dynamical systems and chaos; as well as educational concepts for classroom use.

Current Projects

■ Design of dynamical objects

■ Creation of 3D iterated function systems

■ Creation of 3D printed mathematical optical illusions

■ Ceramic tiles stemming from all 17 wallpaper group patterns

Select Publications

S. Lucas et al., Modeling dynamical systems for 3D printing. To appear, AMS Notices (2020).

E. Sanders. An entry in the 3D Printing section of illustrating mathematics. Edited by Diana Davis. To appear, AMS Notices (2020).

E. Sanders and T. Wanner. Equilibrium validation in models for pattern formation based on Sobolev embeddings. Discrete and Continuous Dynamical Systems Series B, arXiv:2005.14224 (2020).

E. Sanders and J.D. Meiss. Birkhoff averages and rotational invariant circles for area-preserving maps, Physical D 411, 132529, (2020).


College of Science

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Email: esander@gmu.edu

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