Padhu Seshaiyer


College of Science

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Research Theme:

Digital Technologies - Inventing new algorithms, digital techniques, and technologies

Key Interests:

Mathematical Modeling, Infectious Diseases, Computational Thinking, Biomechanics, Design Thinking, STEM Education, Mathematics Education, Teacher Preparation


PhD, Applied Mathematics, University of Maryland, Baltimore County

Research Focus

Dr. Seshaiyer’s research interests are in the broad areas of computational mathematics, scientific computing, computational biomechanics, Biomathematics, Machine Learning, Design and systems thinking, computational thinking, mathematical modeling and STEM education. His research in computational mathematics includes the development of new analytical techniques and efficient computational algorithms to obtain numerical solutions to differential equations describing multi-physics interactions. His research in Computational biomechanics includes developing, extending and applying mathematics for the purposes of better understanding the physiology and pathophysiology of the human vascular system. Integrated with the research plan is a STEM education plan where the primary goal is to teach students and teachers at all levels to apply well-developed research concepts, to fundamental applications arising in STEM disciplines.  His recent research work has been on the development and application of physics informed neural networks to predict the spread of infectious diseases. Dr. Seshaiyer has initiated and directed a variety of educational and research programs including graduate and undergraduate research, K-12 outreach, teacher professional development, and enrichment programs to foster the interest of students and teachers in STEM at all levels. From 2015-2017, Dr. Seshaiyer served as a Program Director at the National Science Foundation. 


College of Science


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