Rainald Lohner, PhD

Rainald Lohner, PhD


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Computational Fluid Dynamics, Haemodynamics (Bloodflow, Modeling of Pedestrian Motion, Image to CAD Techniques, Free Surface Flows


PhD, Civil Engineering, University of Wales, Swasea, UK

Research Focus

My research interests include numerical methods, solvers, grid generation, parallel computing, visualization, pre-processing, fluid-structure interaction, shape and process optimization and computational crowd dynamics. Moreover my codes and methods have been applied in many fields including aerodynamics of airplanes, cars and trains, hydrodynamics of ships, submarines and UAVs, shock-structure interaction, dispersion analysis in urban areas, haemodynamics of vascular diseases and pedestrian safety assessments. I am also the author of more than 800 articles covering the fields enumerated above, as well as a textbook on Applied CFD Techniques.

Current Projects

■ Deep Neural Nets for Chemically Reacting Flows

■ Blast-Structure Interaction

■ Propagation of Pathogens in the Built Environment

■ Large-Scale Pedestrian Evacuation

Select Publications

R. Lohner et al., Detailed simulation of viral propagation in the built environment. Computational Mechanics 66, 1093-1107 (2020).

M. Baqui et al., A novel framework for automated monitoring and analysis of high density pedestrian flow. Journal of Intelligent Transportation Systems 24(6), 585-597 (2020).

R. Lohner and H. Antil. Determination of volumetric material data from boundary measurements: Revisiting Calderon’s problem; International Journal of Numerical Methods for Heat & Fluid Flow 30(11), 4837-4863 (2020).



College of Science

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