Wenying Ji, PhD

Assistant Professor

Volgenau School of Engineering

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Key Interests:

Infrastructure Resilience, Construction Informatics, Complex Systems, Simulation, Natural Disasters


PhD, Civil Engineering, University of Alberta

Research Focus

I am an interdisciplinary scholar focused on the integration of advanced data analytics and complex system modeling to enhance the overall performance of infrastructure systems. My current research includes (1) understanding the serviceability of infrastructure systems through social media mining; (2) coupling infrastructure resilience and stakeholder response during disasters; and (3) investigating theoretical methodologies in data-driven simulation and network science for enhanced decision making.

Current Projects

■ Decision support system for enhanced infrastructure system serviceability following natural disasters: a social media mining approach

■ Coupling infrastructure resilience and stakeholder collaborations for enhanced decision making during disasters

■ Simulation-based analytics for fabrication quality-associated decision support

Select Publications

Y. Chen et al., Rapid Assessment of Disaster Impacts on Highways Using Social Media. Journal of Management in Engineering 36(5), 04020068 (2020).

L. Wu et al., Bayesian inference with Markov Chain Monte Carlo–Based numerical approach for input model updating. Journal of Computing in Civil Engineering 34(1), 04019043 (2020).

W. Ji et al., Integrated data- driven approach for analyzing pipe welding operator-quality performance. Automation in Construction 106, 102814 (2019).



Volgenau School of Engineering

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Email: wji2@gmu.edu

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