Kuo-Chu Chang, PhD

Kuo-Chu Chang, PhD


Volgenau School of Engineering

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Financial Engineering, Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Sensor Data Fusion, MultiTarget Tracking, Decision Making, Bayesian Inference


PhD, Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Connecticut

Research Focus

My research focus includes applying data analytics, probabilistic reasoning and machine learning in various civilian and military applications including sensor data fusion, financial engineering, and decision making under uncertainty.

Current Projects

■ Navy: Condition-based predictive maintenance for mission critical systems with probabilistic knowledge graph and deep learning

■ Navy: Cyber resilience integrated security inspection system for condition-based maintenance

■ Air Force: Decision under Uncertainty for Satellite Communication

■ NSF: Collaborative Decision Processing for Dynamic Spectrum Access in Programmable Wireless Networks

Select Publications

Z. Jia et al., A machine learning integrated portfolio rebalance framework with risk-aversion adjustment. Journal of Risk and financial Management (2020)..

K. Yang et al., Heterogeneous and asynchronous information matrix fusion. Journal of Advances in Information Fusion (JAIF), (2020).

S. Mori et al., Three mathematical formalisms of multiple hypothesis tracking. Journal of Advances in Information Fusion (JAIF), 14(2), 176-198 (2019).


Volgenau School of Engineering

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Email: kchang@gmu.edu

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